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How can our product development services help you develop products that enhance your brand?

At Integrity, we've built a business around the concept of Industrial Design being a key business tool, "Design for Business". We utilise this design strategy to help bring our client's brands to life. We are adept at problem-solving, and we adapt to answer our client's biggest brand-related challenges.

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How do you bring your brand identity in-line with your brand ambition?

Our working relationship with Hi-Tec began in 2011 when they approached us with a new brand vision. Their dated brand identity no longer reflected their strong market position and they needed our help to change this. Hi-Tec were, and still are, market leaders in spray technology; offering not only supply and maintenance of the industries latest advances but the design and implementation of larger spray systems.

We're continuing to manage the implementation of Volkswagen's plinths and graphic walls into their showrooms across the country. The new plinths bring more flexibility and new functions as well as a new sense of contemporary style to the retail environment, with pops of colour, and the electric vehicles brought to life with lighting and graphics. 

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What is the purpose of brand guidelines and how do they benefit your brand? 

Brand guidelines create a platform for communicating your brand standards effectively across your business, all in one single location. This is extremely important, not only because it maintains an up-to-date record of your agreed principles, but it also acts as a useful tool that helps employees, partners and third party agencies to develop an understanding of your brand and play their part in building it’s consistency.

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