Image 1 February HC 07 02 2023Last year we worked with Chemring, a defence and security organisation, on their brand refresh and internal differentiation. The new brand strategy brought a consistent new brand identity to Chemring, differentiating between their range of audiences. Their brand guidelines were quite limited and only accessible by the marketing and leadership teams, so the second part of the project was the creation of brand guidelines, to introduce the refreshed identity and promote Chemring and the new elements that make up their brand.

During our research phase, we interviewed a cross-section of people across the world, and fed this into the development of the brand architecture. It was clear from these interviews that we would need to increase brand awareness and understanding. This raised its own challenges due to the level of accessibility to offline workers and variable levels of brand understanding across their global sites.

To overcome this we worked with Chemring’s marketing team to engage and educate a new global team of 'Brand Ambassadors'. Each ambassador was given the responsibility of managing brand consistency across their site and brand education amongst their teams. To ensure they were fully on board with the new brand strategy and refreshed visual identity, we involved them in the development of the visual brand style before the creation of the guidelines began, engaging them in our journey and educating them on the brand refresh.

To ensure the brand strategy and corporate identity elements were accessible to all, we created an online brand portal which would become a single source for all brand information. This portal communicated Chemring’s brand purpose and history to ensure all employees understand the heritage and importance of their brand. It also hosted their brand elements, a comprehensive image library, and application principles for both print and digital applications. This ensured all employees had access to the relevant brand building blocks - making it easy for them to ‘do the brand thing, not their own thing’. The portal allowed us to bring together the brand strategy and identity guidelines onto an easily accessible platform for the whole organisation.

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