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How do you capture an audience remotely through visual aids, WHILST retaining your brand presence and promoting your services?

Plastic Logic is a long-term client, who we have undertaken a number of industrial design projects for. They recently reached out to us about designing a brand experience for ‘Touch Taiwan 2022’, Asia's leading trade show for the display industry. Pre-pandemic, Plastic Logic would send a member of the team to Taiwan to represent the company, however, due to restrictions they were unable to do so. Therefore, they decided to invest in their experience space to make sure that it could ‘speak for itself' and promote their brand. We went through a rigorous design process because of the display restrictions in place, liaising directly with Taiwanese contacts and our clients in Germany.


In order to stand out amongst the vast crowd of display manufacturers, the space needed to immediately communicate Plastic Logic’s unique selling point compared to their competitors. We developed a concise brand strategy and design concept, outlining their USP and evolving their key messages to tell their unique story. We translated this into an effective communication strategy, through the creation of brand assets, including icons and key messages.

2 INT PostcardBlog September HC 25 10 2022

One of the largest challenges was to display the small handheld screens in a way that caught the attention of the exhibition attendees. We wanted this to visually demonstrate tactile flexibility without being able to physically touch the screens. We worked directly with Plastic Logic to source products and prototypes from their partners and built a museum-style display filled with mannequin hands interacting with the displays, representing human touch, showcasing multiple products and real prototypes utilising Plastic Logic’s technology, developed by their clients.On the back wall, our infographic displayed imagery of real-world products, alongside an iPad showing a video that we created, showcasing their products in action, and a digital display unit.

3 INT PostcardBlog September HC 25 10 2022

Plastic Logic’s presence and wearable technology; Prosthetic hands, smart credit cards, fashion accessories and flexible sailing sleeves & jackets; became a talking point of the exhibition.

4 INT PostcardBlog September HC 25 10 2022

The project was a real success and the space connected with the audience independently in an exciting and engaging way. The brand touch point is back in the UK and ready to travel and remotely connect with its next audience.

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