How do we see office spaces evolving as we start to head back to these environments?

The global pandemic has affected nearly every aspect of our lives for over a year now, including basic tasks that we had previously taken for granted, such as going to work, meeting clients in person and socialising with colleagues. Over this time, we have all developed new ways of working and in many cases our working patterns have become more agile around other aspects of our lives. So how do we see the office space evolving as we start to head back to these environments?

 Since March last year we’ve been working with the Brand Team at Convex (www.convexin.com); an international insurance company, to answer this question. Through this journey we have developed a visitor and employee experience that creates an office destination that people want to spend time in, rather than need to.


The office environment is no longer a necessity, but it can be a destination that provides rest bite and focus from other aspects of our lives and when used properly, can enhance both visitor and employee perceptions of your brand, creating stronger bonds and a more positive and engaging environment to connect and meet within.


The breadth of our project with Convex has spanned across all spaces, environments, procedures and people, ensuring they all reflect the Convex brand while exceeding all visitor expectations - creating a wow factor within the office environment that encourages more frequent visits and a longer dwell time. From food and drink offerings, diverse meeting and breakout spaces to the ‘in-flight’ support and facilities available - this office will become one that is unique from any other.


We are now in the process of finalising the Customer Experience Bible that will become the implementation and training tool for all Convexians, as they head back on the 21st June, ensuring the visitor procedures, employee appearances and housekeeping standards are met. We can’t wait to see these plans come to life and look forward to seeing the benefits that these bring to both visitors and employees alike.

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