When implementing a new brand identity it’s key to ensure that your brand ethos is reflected consistently across each and every location.

We’ve been working with AXA XL to manage their global re-brand programme following the acquisition of XL Catlin; a previous client of ours. As part of this project a kit of parts was created following an in-depth brand audit at each site; comprising a family of signage, glazing manifestations and brand communications elements, that met the needs and sensitivity of message at each location.

The brand communications element is key to enhancing both visitor and employee experiences. Not only through the vibrant artwork providing brighter and more engaging environments, but also through the accompanying messaging that helps to convey the new brand and line of businesses that AXA XL have to offer.


Recently AXA XL have been remodelling some of their key locations to a scheme that they refer to as ‘Smarter Working’. This involves the removal of banks of desks and individual cubbyholes while introducing a more flexible and dynamic working environment that incorporates hot desks and laptop docking stations.


A strategy was created to achieve consistency for the use of brand messaging throughout each global location which considered the increased fluidity of teams across the office space. As part of this strategy, key locations within each office area were identified for their ‘Know You Can’ strap-line and brand value posters. Combinations of the line of business artworks were also determined to ensure the diversity of services were well portrayed across all rooms and complimented those nearby.


In the coming months we will be moving onto their London Headquarters which is currently being refurbished. This project will include a completely new signage specification, big poster scheme and digital wayfinding strategy that compliments the new modern furniture. We can’t wait to share this with you once implemented.

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