Elisa Square LoResPart of our #meettheteam mini series.

This week we are getting to know Elisa – she’s one of our talented designers here at Integrity! She’s been with us for just over 2 years and has been a great addition to the team working on a range of clients from Waitrose to The University of Northampton!

So let’s get cracking…

Tea or coffee?
I’m a big fan of tea, particularly herbal. If I have normal tea it has to be sweet but I am currently trying to avoid too much sugar so I’m going through a phase of green tea. Green tea with lemon has to be my tea of choice at the moment. Herbal teas are popular with the ladies in the office (and Matt) so we have a little collection going (there’s a whole cupboard full), which makes everyone happy!
What is your guilty pleasure?

I have a couple, both music related. One has to be Justin Bieber (embarrassed face and laughter), this is a new found guilty pleasure his recent songs have been really good! I find myself doing a little ‘desk dance’ when he comes on the radio!! His ‘Carpool Karaoke’ (watch the video here) interview with James Corden is hilarious, well worth a watch!

My not so guilty pleasure is  Usher - I love him! I went to see him perform at the O2 a few months ago and he was sooo good, even better than Beyoncé!

What is your favourite animated film?
My favourite growing up would have to be Toy Story. My other favourite is Finding Nemo because the shark scenes still makes me jump! I get really into it and feel Nemo’s pain of what it’s like to be a little fish!

Recently I saw the trailer for the animated movie of the Jungle Book, it looks incredible. I can’t wait to see it - I think a work outing to the cinema might be in order!

The one thing I love about animated movies is how the actors/actresses really bring the characters to life. Sometimes you can really see their facial expressions in the characters - I love that.

Can you remember what it was that made you want to get into design?
I have always been into design. Since I was a young girl back in school I was the keen one getting to class early and staying late. Thinking back I actually feel bad for my teacher, Mrs Riley, as I was always trying to get into the workshops during our lunch break particularly during my GCSE’s. She would probably see me walking over to the Design and Technology block and think “oh no, it's Elisa again!!”, (I know what you’re thinking - a fully fledged keeno!)

What part of your job do you enjoy the most?
I love being on site, seeing it all come together. Particularly when you have been working on 2D drawings or 3D visuals of set viewpoints for quite some time. When you actually see it in real life you really see how impressive the buildings are and the work we have been producing comes to life!

When are you most creative?
There is not really a standout point of the day for me when it comes to creativity, it could be at random times of the day and I could literally be anywhere. It usually emerges naturally and is sparked in response to a problem - I’m a problem solver. But I am definitely most productive in the morning, once I have finally got myself up, ready and into work!

How do you get over a creative hump?
What I try and do, if I can, particularly if I am working at home is to try and forget about the problem and put my mind into something else whether that's going to the gym or going for a run and listening to music. In situations where I can’t get out, I try and have conversations with people as I find that this often helps, especially when ideas can be challenged and problems can be identified, this usually triggers further developments often contributing to getting over a hump.

So to round it off, Elisa is a proud belieber, likes a cheeky 'desk dance' and gets emotional when watching Finding Nemo!

Elisa's self portrait

See you in a few weeks when we unveil our next #meettheteam interview with none other than Rob Adam.

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