Screens and devices are now a part of every aspect of our lives, but that doesn’t mean they are always the answer. Of course there are endless benefits of working within the digital domain but as human beings we still have a desire to experience moments using all 5 of our senses!

In this blog article we take a look at how advances in technology have created an increased push for tactility over recent years. We also touch on how brands are starting to respond to this ever-growing need, while sharing some ideas on how we can help you prepare for the future.


Gone are the days where we communicated with everyone face to face, made every purchase within bricks and mortar, and only dated people we met in the real world. Of course these things still happen, but advances in technology now mean that we can “do it all” online from the comfort of our own home.

Whether we’re sitting on the train or in our own living room, it’s now common place that every person around us will be interacting with a digital device. Immersed in their own little worlds, developing an ever-growing expectation for instant gratification, where their follower base can now be as important as their own real-life friends.

Of course we appreciate how convenient these platforms are and love how they fit seamlessly into our busy lifestyles, but in some instances this increase in convenience has come at the cost of building real, personal connections with the people around us.


With the lack of human connection in this digitally saturated world, customers now want to know the brands they do business with on a personal level - they want to create connections with them and know that brands have the same values that they do.

As part of this desire, people are now responding to more tactile experiences and we’ve found that there is an increased need to connect with, and feel, diverse non-digital textures. These textures and materials act as an invitation, encouraging your customers to touch and connect with you on a personal level.

Tactile experiences bring your values into a reality that can be communicated without the use of words, and in some cases inspire nostalgic feelings, creating a completely immersive and personal experience between you and your audience.


There are many ways that brands are responding to this trend but they all come down to creating personal connections with their audience through the use of non digital channels. Here’s a few examples:

Nintendo Labo
Nintendo have gone back to the basics with new DIY cardboard kits that you build to work with your Nintendo Switch™, including everything from a fully-working piano to a giant robot suit. Nintendo have been praised for encouraging creativity and learning, especially in children, providing them with opportunities to learn new and valuable life skills while connecting with others around them.

The tactical properties of cardboard also create a nostalgic feeling for the older generation - providing further connections with their audience, the people around them (such as their families) and the Nintendo brand.

Dish & DUER
This flagship store located in Vancouver provides a space that encourages customers to hang out, test the brand’s products and see how they will live up to their active lifestyles. Complete with its own treehouse, rooftop hammock, monkey bars and swing set this tactile playground not only encourages the sell of their products but also sparks conversations with staff and other customers creating a sense of community and belonging.

Even the checkout plays a part in creating a tactile invitation!

This company has revolutionised the way we travel and is now going the extra mile to do the same within their own office environments. Their recently renovated headquarters in San Francisco reflects the multicultural, explorational and fun character of the brand. The building is split into several departments each with their own design, from meeting rooms that look like tents to breakout spaces dressed in ornate rugs and furnishings. Each area acts as an invitation for their employees to explore and connect with the brand itself, the cultures across the world and their end users. The tactile living wall helps to improve the quality of the air too!


As you can see there are many ways a personal connection can be made between a brand and their audience especially when the audience is immersed in a environment that the brand has created. But where do you begin and how do you create an effective balance between the convenience of digital and the experience of tactile?

Well first you need to understand the brand you are, identify your brand DNA and live by this across all areas of your company. Next you need to work out how you want your end users to feel throughout each experience they have with you and choose the platforms that best deliver this experience in the most tactile way across every brand touchpoint.

We’re experts at uncovering your brand ethos and DNA, and then articulating that across every brand channel - bringing your brand vision to life across the whole customer journey.

Why not call us to arrange an informal meeting over coffee, or maybe a more formal presentation of how the Integrity approach can help you bring your brand to life.










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