In our last blog about electric vehicles we explored how they were being marketed and promoted by both the UK government and global manufacturers. We came to the conclusion that changing the habits of the nation will be a long, uphill battle and that consumer education via showrooms such as the EV Experience Centre in Milton Keynes would be key to this journey.

In this article we share our reading on this subject together with our thoughts on how these vehicles may impact consumers’ lives, the automotive industry and other services, while sharing some ideas on how we can help you to prepare for the future.


As the shift from manual to automatic vehicles is underway we predict that the art of driving and the enjoyment that comes with it will decline over the coming years with the majority of people using their vehicles prominently for necessity.

The constant need for new housing to accommodate the ever-growing population will also affect the types and sizes of vehicles used throughout consumers’ daily routines and with the reduction of space and increase of traffic we believe that this is the era where small city cars will rule the road.

Regular weekly journeys will also be a main factor for consumers when selecting an electric or hybrid vehicle right for them as they will need to ensure the available mileage allows them to travel effectively from A to B without the need to stop and charge along the way.

Although the vehicles selected by each individual will work seamlessly throughout their daily routine there may be problems when taking an occasional long journey at weekends, during holidays or for a business trip as the mileage available within the consumer’s everyday car may not be suitable and until charging technologies advance the charging time required could lead to an extremely inconvenient way of travelling!

The good news is that there is a solution to fit these consumer needs and it’s something that has started to crop up within many different industries and we predict that the automotive industry will soon follow suit.

This trend is all about shifting from ownership to service subscriptions to provide a more flexible and convenient solution that meets all individual needs whatever they may be. Creating a personalised experience with the consumer in complete control.

Many of you will be familiar with a few of these existing services; from phone data contracts that have been around for years to relative newcomers such as Netflix, Spotify and HelloFresh, where the main theme is that customers are able be access a wide range of services and technologies as soon as these become available and adapt their own subscriptions to meet their lifestyles.


Although there is still a long way to go, the automotive industry is already responding to this trend and has been for some time now. They started this through their range of monthly finance options such as hire purchases, personal contract purchases and vehicle leasing and have recently branched out to more advanced services that provide well-rounded solutions.

Examples of these start with Volvo’s ‘Care by Volvo’ package where customers no longer have to worry about the administration elements that come with owning a car as the essentials such as insurance, maintenance and repairs along with an additional concierge service are all included within their monthly leasing fee.

This has also been taken one step further through companies such as Renault who do not sell their electrical batteries but only rent these to their customers - allowing them to reap the rewards of having the latest technology and most efficient battery throughout their car's lifespan - this should prove to be a major selling point whilst consumers’ confidence is yet to be achieved in the electric vehicle field.

However, these options still only allow each customer to access one car! We believe that car manufacturers will need to offer a completely holistic leasing service where customers can not only access the car they use on a daily basis but will also have access to a selection of other vehicles that are suited for different journey types, creating an efficient, collaborative and emissions-free motoring infrastructure perfect for all.


Of course, with the majority of customer’s owning a charging unit within their own home, there will be a decline in the number of petrol stations located within small towns and villages as these will no longer be needed.

Although this is the case we believe that the larger motorway service stations will thrive as even the higher mileage vehicles will still need to recharge during a longer journey and due to the increased time required for charging these vehicles consumers will also need to plan in their mid-journey breaks prior to departure. With this in mind we believe there will be an increase in competition between these service stations to ensure they appeal to the consumer and as there will be a longer visitor dwell period we see these service stations becoming more of a destination where customers chose to spend their time, rather than using facilities 'because they have to'..

This in turn will create higher opportunities for tactical messaging and point of sale along with the increase of other facilities such as nap pods, beauty salons and arcade areas.

This also applies to the retail industry where showrooms, supermarkets and other retail stores will either become a destination point within their own right or combine together with other stores and services to appeal to a wider audience. In fact, some of our clients have already started to do this (Volkswagen West London, Waitrose Haywards Heath).


With a predicted increase in visitor dwell time across many retail and leisure destinations there also becomes a vital balance required between meeting customers’ expectations and the businesses’ required footfall in order to remain profitable. It’s all well and good providing charging facilities across all parking bays but this could lead to all spaces becoming full with customers who are only interested in your refreshment facilities!

By using tactile messaging throughout your customer journeys and creating a 'foot-fall strategy' that meets your company’s requirements we can help you to manage this balance while retaining a positive and engaging experience with your brand.

If you would like some help with upgrading your vehicle-based customer experience to meet these new challenges, why not give us a call.




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