At a time of increasing global competition for universities it is key to mark yourself out from the competition by delivering a great brand experience across the whole ‘visitor journey’ - from websites and social media to the experience on-campus; for students and prospective students, business and research partners, and the media.


The higher education landscape has a complex scenery: increasingly savvy student consumers, changes to funding, and emerging economies are all having an impact on universities' ability to attract new talent and engage with their complex variety of audiences.

This is where intelligent brand strategy, experience design, and wayfinding come in. Having a clear view of your customers' journeys and interactions, and then designing a great experience into every point on those journeys, helps you to better engage with and retain your audiences. 

Brand Strategy

Having a clear understanding of your brand, what it stands for, what it represents, and how it needs to connect with your audiences, is a critical first step. You need to identify your unique purpose, values and personality so that your brand can be translated into outstanding digital and physical experiences. We work with internal and external stakeholders to draw out the essence of what makes your organisation tick. We use workshops, research, and our 20 years of experience to communicate who you are, simply and clearly.


We look at audience experience from a strategic point of view. We think about the interactions, the messages, the differing needs, and the range of communication mediums so that every touchpoint on the brand journey is carefully considered.

Engaging Journeys

A second part of the process is to make sure that the on-site experience matches the off-site experience. The look and feel of each interaction, along with your employee behaviours, must all reinforce your unique differences, creating a seamless visitor journey. The best journeys engage your visitors with impact and creativity. Each step, whether on-line or on arrival, from landing pages to coffee points, creates an important step in engaging your audience with your brand.


We’re experienced in designing and implementing the whole visitor journey. We develop key destinations and points of interest across the campus. From information points and reception areas, to seating and facilities.

Wayfinding and Signage

Navigating your campus and buildings is a critical first-encounter for visitors. You need to approach wayfinding and signage from a customer point-of-view, ensuring the whole journey is simple and engaging. We’re experienced in everything from low cost, updateable graphic solutions to innovative, future-proofed digital signage. We partner with suppliers to implement seamless wayfinding across the complex and evolving campus environment.


We use our experience to design the right scheme for your campus or city environment. We analyse people flows and decision points and develop a unique signage design that relates to your built environment, always meeting brief and budget.

A holistic approach

Design is an important tool in delivering the changes required within any institution. With the increase in global competition, diversity and changing worldwide needs, we need to reconsider how higher education organisations connect with their customers. This requires a clear brand strategy, which makes the vision tangible through well-designed buildings and spaces, alongside providing high-value, high-quality education.

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